Roof Conversions Sydney

We at Find me a Roofer understand your needs and offer seemingly benefitting roofing conversions in Sydney. In Australia, we have achieved a respectable position as a roof installation and conversions expert. We are working towards keeping our fame and you will get the glimpse of it through our work. When you want to get rid of your old roofing tiles and introduce the brand new ones, be sure to call Find me a Roofer and sort out different solutions. Our team has attained vast experience over the years working in residential and commercial buildings. We aim to provide seemingly modern and functional solutions and make the customer happy.

Metal Roofing Collection

One of the best material to replace existing roofing tiles is metal. There are different kinds of metals that are widely used as a perfect roofing solution.

Lysaght – There are available in different varieties that are meant to suit specific architectural styles. The variations include corrugated, rib and pan, deep corrugated, curved corrugated, square corrugated, concealed and patio roof sheeting to name a few. Ask for assistance from Find me a Roofer to know the difference between all of these.

Metroll – These are manufactured to fit all projects from residential installation to commercial sheds. These are made out of Australian BlueScope that is technically built to fit every situation. Metroll has Corodek that is a multipurpose solution for roofs and walls. For commercial and industrialisation utilisation, Metroll has Trimclad. If you are situated in a cyclone prone area, you should opt Metlok Cyclonic 680.

Colorbond – For a vibrant coloured establishment you should readily go for colorbond. There are various colours available suiting your mood, personality and utility.

Hoping for the best solution relating to roof conversion! Find me a Roofer will understand your need and accordingly offer a suitable solution. Call us on 0417 417 400 to fix an appointment.

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